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How to Replace the Fuel Line on a Qualcast Classic Petrol Lawnmower

Over time the fuel line to your petrol lawnmower can perish and when it does to ensure you can continue to maintain your lawn you’ll need to replace it.

It is important to note that If there is a leak coming from the fuel line it is imperative to switch off your machine and replace it. This should be done as soon as possible as leaking fuel is not only a hindrance but also a fire risk.

Some may consider shipping the machine off to a repair centre...but there is no need! With this guide we’ll talk you through the repair process allowing you to do it yourself. The repair is for a Qualcast Classic Petrol lawnmower but the process should be very similar for other makes of petrol lawnmowers.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Make sure that you don’t have a lighter or matches in your pocket, or any sort of flame in your general vicinity, and we also recommend that you disengage the spark plug as well when doing any work on a petrol mower.

  Step 2 – Removing the Fuel Tank

To begin, we need to start by removing the fuel tank off of the machine, to do this take your screwdriver and locate the screw holding the tank in place.

With the tank removed and your jerry can at hand you can now begin the draining process.

  Step 3 – Needing to Drain the Tank

Before we drain the tank we first need to remove the fuel line from the lawnmower - held in place by a pinch clip - remove this while having the tank lower than the end of the fuel line as this will prevent any accidental spillage.

With the pinch clip removed and the fuel line away from the machine you can now drain the tank.

  Step 4 – Fitting the New Line

Once the tank has been drained you can next remove the fuel line from the tank. There is another clip holding the line in place so using your screwdriver remove loosen to the clip to remove it.

With the clip removed you can ease the fuel line from the tank. With it removed you can now begin the placement process, start by pushing the line back onto the tank - it may be a little tight but just add a bit of pressure to get the fuel line on.

Once it is in place, place the clip back into position and using your screwdriver tighten it back up securing the fuel line onto the tank.

  Step 5 – Securing the New Line and Tank

Next you can fit the fuel line back onto the carburetor - again it’ll be a tight fit so just add some pressure once it is on you can then refit the pinch clip. So your new fuel line is fitted to both the lawnmower and the fuel tank - all that is left to do is to fit the tank back onto the machine.

With the tank in place you can fill it up and you’re ready to refill and go.

There you go, you’ve just replaced the fuel line on your Qualcast Classic Petrol Lawnmower - understanding this repair and performing it safely will help with the longevity of your lawnmower

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