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How to Replace the Cable Rewind on a Dyson DC05

If you Dyson DC05’s cable rewind is not rewinding or the cable is damaged you may feel that the only outcome is to head to the shops and buy a new vacuum cleaner.

However this is not only option, here at eSpares we can supply the part and we can even help you through the repair. Following our guide below, we talk you through accessing the old faulty cable rewind and then how to fit the new one.

Safety First! Please make sure that you’ve switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

  What You Will Need:

Cable Rewind


  Step 1 - Stripping the Machine

I'm just going to start by removing the bin and the filters, as well as the cyclone top. Basically, to get to the cable rewind

Once you’ve removed all the external parts from the vacuum,  you now need to separate the main body of the Dyson. To do this, you’ll need to remove the five holding screws, these are located two under each wheel, one is situated in a screw cavity on the slope behind the cannister.

To remove the screws under the wheels you’ll need to pull the wheel back and get a torx head screwdriver and undo them. With the screws removed you can now separate the body.

  Step 2 - The Motor Assembly

The body of the DC05 comes in three main parts, the upper motor assembly - this is where the actuators sit. The motor assembly and the lower motor assembly in which the cable rewind sits and is where we need to access..

eSpares Top Tip: To make the reassembly process easier, take the wheels off of the lower motor assembly trust us it, it’ll save some time later on.

When removing the wheels, you need to “pop” out the plugs and using a flat-head screwdriver you can remove the wheel and simply repeat the process on the other side.

  Step 3 - Removing the Cable Rewind

With the wheels removed, you can next, remove the cable entry - this can just be unclipped. With that out of the way you can now remove the old cable rewind. The new cable rewind may look a tad bit different however don’t worry because this is just because it has been updated.

Don’t forget to uncouple the wires from between the motor assembly and the old cable reel, for help later when connecting the wires it is recommended to take a photo of the wire placement.

There is a little clip which is known as a cleet, this just keeps the cable tidy while it is in transit. You can remove this and throw it in the bin.

  Step 4 - Fitting the New Rewind

To begin installing the new cable - you first need to feed it through the gap at the back, with the cable passed through you can then refit the cable entry - that should just clip back on. With the plug in place you can now install the cable rewind into its correct position.

On the new rewind there will be a lip, this will need to be slotted into position it it does not fit correctly then the cleaner will not be able to fit back together.

  Step 5 - Assembling the Motor Assembly

To put the vacuum cleaner together you need to follow a process detailed below:

  • Fit the cable rewind back into the lower motor cover - it only goes in one way so ensure you slot it into place.
  • Take out the motor cover and recouple the wires. You can either refer back to your photo (if you took one).
  • Rest the motor assembly in the lower motor cover. It should just slot in like that, there we go.
  • Now, you need to fit the upper motor cover. If you removed the wheels earlier you’ll now understand why. With the wheels removed the upper cover will fit far easier and will not get in the way.

To assemble the upper assembly to the main assembly there is a trick, you need to take the round part on the upper cover and slot it onto the dust container base, it may be a little bit fiddly but it’ll ease into place.

With the three main parts of the body back together, we just need to re-screw the holding screws, back once all secure you can now put the the external parts back into position.

There you have it, you’ve just replaced the cable rewind on your Dyson DC05 for more helpful articles on diagnosing and repairing your appliance’s don’t forget to check out our advice centre.

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