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How to Replace the Brushroll and Soleplate on a Dyson - DC07

One of the most commonly damaged parts on a Dyson DC07 is the agitator brush bar. On this model the brushroll and soleplate often come as one replacement spare. Watch Matt show how easy it is to replace both.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Matt from eSpares.

Now the part of your Dyson which is contact with the floor most is the brush roll and the soleplate, and not surprisingly, they very often get damaged or wear out. Fortunately they're very easy to replace, and I'm going to show you how.

Now on this DC07 standard, the brush roll and the soleplate actually come as one item. On other DC07s they can be bought separately, do make sure you've got the right one for your particular DC07.

Safety first: do make sure you've unplugged from the wall, we don't want any nasty surprises.

I'm just going to remove the canister first and the post-motor filter lid. Now the only reason for doing that, is just to give myself a flat surface there, so when I flip it over, I'm nice and stable to work with.

Now just 3 screws here holding the soleplate on, just turn them with a coin through 90 degrees, like that, and that pops off. There's my old soleplate. Now if you can see here where the belt goes over the motor, there should be just enough room there to slip the belt off the end, and that's going to allow me to pull the old brush roll out.

Okay, let's get the new one ready. Just repeat all of that, put the belt over the new brush roll and slide that in there. Just make sure we've got the brush roll nicely in place, and then, a bit trickier to get the belt back on, there we go, that's over the end of the spindle.

Give that a couple of spins, just to make sure that that's going to spin freely. Get the new soleplate, front in first, and then just fold it down, and all I need to do is turn those screws through 90 degrees to lock it into place.

There we go, new brush roll and soleplate on a Dyson DC07 standard.

Thanks for watching.

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