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How to Replace the Actuators and Springs on a Dyson - DC05

With smaller canister like vacuum cleaners, we tend to use our feet to activate them or reel in the cable. Of course over time like many objects, the actuators too will perish and fault - which will lead to you being left to unable start/stop or rewind the power cable.

If you now feel that a new vacuum cleaner is the only option you have - think again! Here at eSpares we can supply you with the correct part and we will even talk you through how to perform the replacement.

With this guide you will be taken on a journey of discovery of just how simple it can be to replace the actuators on your Dyson DC05.If your vacuum is a cylinder model, you'll be pressing on the actuator and actuator springs with your feet. Actuators can get damaged, and springs wear out - watch eSpares show you how to replace them.

  What You Will Need:

Actuator and Spring

Flathead screwdriver

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  Step 2 - Making Space

With the safety advice out of the way we can get to getting your vacuum cleaner back to tip top condition.

To allow us easy access to the actuators and springs we first need to make space and to do this we simply need to remove the collection bin, along with the cyclone top and filter. Once removed, taking off the actuators is very simple and straightforward.

  Step 3 - On/Off Removal

To begin we are going to first remove the on/off actuator as this is the easiest. Simply grab the end which you don’t have to press down and pull it away, it should just come off. With the actuator off you’ll also be able to see the spring on the underside.

Once replaced you can fit the new part back in place.

  Step 4 - Cable Rewind Removal

The cable rewind is a little trickier, this is because you need to remove the cyclone inlet assembly, to do this, using a screwdriver carefully pry it off from the appliance. It may be a little tough but using some force with pop it off.

With the inlet assembly removed you can replace the actuator and spring in the same way as detailed in Step 3.

  Step 5 - Repair Completed

With both actuators replaced you can now reassemble the vacuum cleaner and voila you’re all done.

Some people may choose to send their machine to a repair centre - spending far more money to have such a simple replacement completed. However we hope to have highlighted just how simple this replacement is leading you to give some appliance repairs a go at home.

We have a entire catalogue of diagnosis articles and how to’s in our advice centre, so if you want to have a go at repairing your vacuum cleaner or even cooker - don’t forget to check it out.

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