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How to Replace Cooker Knobs and Buttons

If your cooker panel is looking a little tired and could use some rejuvenating, replacing the knobs and buttons can go along way to keeping your cooker front looking good while still giving you control over the cooking.

Over time the knobs and buttons can become damaged - this can be from simple overuse or if heat is escaping from the oven, which if this is the case you should really look into our advice article on how to replace a faulty door seal. Any-hoo the video below shows just how simple it is to replace the old damaged knobs and buttons can be.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

When your knobs are showing signs of wear replacing them is a must to ensure you stay in charge of your cooking. As Matt shows in the video using a spoon you can easily pry away the knob from the control panel and once removed you can easily push on the new knob.

The buttons are even simpler - as seen again in the video simply pinch the buttons and pull it away - once out you can again, like the knob push the button in place. However to ensure speedy replacement make sure the knob and buttons are facing the correct way.

There you have within only moments your oven has been given a facelift and you now have full control over the appliance and its functions once again. For more great advice articles on how to fix up your appliance don’t forget to see our advice centre.

And for any other replacement parts required to get your appliance back to its former glory see our online catalogue where we have an extensive range of cooker and hob spares.

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