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How to Replace a Vacuum Motor – Numatic

Through general wear and tear the motor on your Numatic vacuum cleaner can develop faults. Find out how to replace the motor, by watching this eSpares video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh from eSpares.

In this video I'm going to be showing you how to change the motor on this Numatic Henry Micro HVR-200M22, although the process is going to be largely the same for other Numatic vacuum cleaners.

Safety first: make sure you've unplugged your vacuum cleaner before you carry out this repair work.

Now, the motor for the Henry is housed in Henry's head unit, so the first thing we need to do is remove the head unit from the rest of the body. So I'm just going to undo these clips at the side and rest it on something soft so that the top doesn't get scratched.

Underneath we have a total of seven screws, four on the outside and three on the inside here. So firstly, you need to remove the four outside screws. So now I've removed those four outer screws, I can remove the top cabinet and the cable assembly. I'll just pop that to one side, and now I can remove these three inner screws as well.

Okay, so now I've removed all the screws, I can very gently turn the whole unit over, being careful to keep both parts together and then remove the top, exposing the motor underneath. There are two wires connected by spade connectors to the motor, so all I need to do is just pull these off, before lifting the whole motor unit out.

Okay, so now I've taken the old motor out I can put the new one in.

The first thing I need to do is take the cover from the old motor and locate it correctly on top of the new one. Now that's done, I'm going to reattach the spade connectors to the relevant terminals on the side of the motor. We found that it's actually much easier to fit the new motor upside down into the lid, rather than the normal way up in the base.

So, I'm just going to turn the motor upside down and locate the tabs from the cover into the spaces in the lid. Then, take the locating ring with the sound insulation foam and place that around the motor, so that the tab of the locating ring covers the exposed wires in the lid and finally take the rubber sealing ring and place that around the base of the motor, then I can place the base onto the lid and now I just need to screw them back together.

So now I've screwed in those three inner screws, I'm just going to turn the assembly over and then take the cable assembly and place that back on the top, making sure that the cable comes through this gap in the side here. Then take the lid of the unit and place it back on the top, making sure that the switches come through these two holes here, as well as the cable feed clipping into place, here, then I just need to screw it all back together.

Now, it's important to bear in mind that Numatic have actually used several different manufacturers for production of their Henry motors, so if you buy a new motor for your Henry, make sure you find the right one for your particular model.

eSpares has a range of motors for Numatic and other vacuum cleaner manufacturers and they're all available on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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