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How to Replace a Tumble Dryer Drive Belt (LG)

If the belt has snapped in your tumble dryer you’re going to struggle to dry your clothes. Luckily if you are plagued by a broken belt you can either choose to pay for the expensive call out cost, or you can fix it by following our guide and save money by repairing it yourself.

Below we have provided you with the steps required to perform the repair to your tumble dryer, following us through this procedure will be a sure way to repair your dryer. 

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair and due to the sharp edges exposed we suggest suitable Safety Gloves are worn to help prevent injury.

  Step 2 - Removing the Top Cover

To begin you need to first remove the top cover and to do this you will need to undo the screws at the back. With the top out on the way you should be able to see the drum and the belt, you can remove the broken belt as this will just get in your way.

To fit the new belt it’ll need to be dropped in around and in front of the drum, and to do that will take some dismantling. Which leads us onto our next step.

  Step 3 - Taking off the Side Panels

We need to remove both side panels of your tumble dryer. The panels are held in place by screws and undoing these will release the sides. However, they will still be connected by hooks at the side and pegs at the bottom - to remove these you only need to lift them up and out.

With both side panels out on the way you can next undo the five screws at the top of the back plate and also remove the water drawer and its housing.

  Step 4 - Removing the Water Container

With the screws removed next thing is to remove the water container housing, so disconnect the hose and ease the water container out of its position, and the hose will just lift up with it. Once the housing is out of the way next is to remove the heater cover by undoing the screws which hold it in place.

Once the heater cover is removed, you can now begin to remove the heater fan - using a socket you can undo the nut that holds it into place. Now to allow some room to fit the belt you next only want to loosen the three screws at the bottom.

With the three screws loosened you now be able to move the drum back a touch and drop the new belt around the drum.

  Step 5 - Now the Belt is Partially Fitted

Using the belt as a handle, you need to re-position the drum and then reattach the side rails to hold it into position. Once completed you can now reconnect the water drawer housing and make sure that the hoses are in the right position - feed hose back through the drawer at the back and then reposition the housing.

Reconnect the lower hose, and feed it through the clip in the chassis and reposition it in the sump.

  Step 6 - Getting to the Fan Cover

Your next step is to re-tighten the screws you loosened earlier, then reattach the two rails at the top, and you can then re-screw in the housing before re-attaching the fan and the heater cover.

Moving onto the right side of the dryer (as you’re facing it from the front) you’ll see the motor assembly and the fan cover - the fan cover needs to now be removed. You’ll need to do this to fit the new belt around the motor spindle.

  Step 7 - Accessing the Spindle

Undoing the two screws on the edge of the fan cover will allow you remove the cover. To release the fan cover using a flat head screwdriver ease the clip away at the back, this will release the cover from the housing. Once the fan cover is out of the way you can now remove the fan itself.

To do that, using an adjustable or small spanner, use it to hold onto the flat edge of the motor spindle, this will keep it into position. You can then remove the plastic frame and using a ratchet, undo the condenser fan screw.

  Step 8 - Fitting the Belt

With the fan out the way you can next work the belt over the motor spindle, rolling it into place, the belt is held tight by the tension pulley and the spring that connects the motor to the chassis. To be able to work it onto the tension pulley, you’ll need to pull the motor away making sure the spring is stretching, this means you can work the belt into place on the pulley.

  Step 9 - Securing the Fan

Now, with the belt in position on the spindle and the tensioner pulley, just give the bell a couple of turns just to make sure all the grooves in the belt match up to the grooves on the spindle.

Now when fitting the fan back in place, you’ll notice that you’ve got limited space so it may be a good idea to rest the fan and place the nut on the end of the spindle and then using the belt turn the spindle and tighten the nut. Once it is in place, you can then tighten the nut using the spanner and ratchet.

  Step 10 - Reassembly

Replace the fan and fan cover making sure to screw it back in place, all that is now left is to reattach the side panel and you’re done.

There you have it! You have just replaced the faulty belt on your tumble dryer drum. Understanding performing this repair has saved you money and helped prolong the life of your dryer.

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