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How to Replace a Tumble Dryer Door Handle (Bosch)

If the handle on your dryer is damaged or broken its a simple enough job to replace. Mat shows you how.


Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares, in this video I will be showing how to replace a door handle on a Bosch tumble dryer.

Safety first: Always unplug appliances before disassembly.

On this model the handle has sheared clean off the front of the door and left the mounting pillars and the screws inside the door.

So what I need to do is to remove the mounting pillars from inside the door before I refit the new handle.

In a way the old handle having snapped off does make the job a little easier as I can very carefully separate the two halves of the door and there you can see the mounting pillars still inside.

So what I can do is using a pair of pliers hold on to the mounting pillars whilst taking the screws out.

do remember when doing this job to make sure that the lock mechanism doesn't fall inside the door.

Now all I need to do is to refit the new handle making sure the mounting pillars go all the way through the door.

as you can see there then it's simply a case of refitting it.

So there we have it, one new door handle fitted to this Bosch tumble dryer.

Spares and accessories for tumble dryers as well as all other appliances can be found on the eSpares website

Thanks for watching.

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