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How to Replace a Qualcast Blade on a Classic Petrol 35s Lawnmower

When mowing the lawn you need to ensure that the blade for your mower is sharp - because if it has become worn or chipped from loose pebbles, it will badly affect the cutting performance that it is able to provide you. However, if your blade has seen better days, there is no need to consider replacing the actual lawnmower - as eSpares can show you that the fix is very simple to do yourself.

We have created this guide to talk you through just how simple replacing a faulty blade can be. It is worth noting that our guide has been created with the Qualcast Classic Petrol 35s lawnmower in mind - which is a fantastic appliance and provides a great long as the blades are kept sharp.

Now it is worth noting that this particular machine has two blades - the upper rotary blade and the lower blade. The lower blade usually gets forgotten about and simply left to go blunt, never sharpened or replaced, however we are going to show you how simple a task it is to replace it.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Always make sure your lawnmower is switched off before you do any work and due to the sharp edges exposed we suggest suitable Safety Gloves are worn to help prevent injury.

Also to be safe either make sure the throttle is in the stop position and disengage the spark plug.

  Step 2 - Removing the Blades

To begin you need to tilt the lawnmower onto its back, so it is in a position where you will be able to remove the lower blade. You do not need to remove the entire cassette to replace the blade. With the mower tilted you will be able to see that it is held in place by two hex-head screws, and by using a hex head screwdriver or a torx screwdriver you can proceed to remove the old blade.

Give It a Clean

You’ll probably notice that the cassette area of the appliance is extremely dirty - therefore it is recommended to give it a good clean, by you simply using a cloth and some warm water should do. However for greater improved results you can use a lawnmower cleaning kit that is available here at eSpares.

  Step 3 - Securing the New Blade

Now if you repeat Step 2 in reverse, this will see you refitting the new blade onto your lawnmower. With the blade now in position you just need to simply hold it there and screw it back in place - making sure that the screws are secure of course.

And there you have it - well done! Within three easy steps you have been able to fit a new blade onto your Qualcast petrol lawnmower. For other helpful diagnosis and how to guides don’t forget to check out our library of advice articles.

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