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How to Replace a Lawnmower Blade

If you wish to have a beautiful lawn it's important that you only cut it with a sharp blade. Dull blades can cause a patchy lawn through the grass being torn out by the roots. In this video eSpares Mat demonstrates how to replace the blade on a Flymo Hover Compact 330.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Mat from eSpares, and in this video I’ll be showing you how to change the blade and also adjust the cutting height on this Flymo lawnmower.

Safety first: always remember to unplug the mower before you start any work.

To find the correct spares for your machine what we will need is the model number and the product number for the mower, both can be found on the back here. I’m changing the blade on this one because as you can see it’s fairly old and has lost its sharpness. To maintain a perfect lawn you’ll need a nice sharp blade.

Let’s start by removing the holding nut using the special Flymo tool. Now what you see here is a Flymo spacer, these can be used to adjust the cutting height of the blade, what I’m going to do is put an extra one on because I want the grass to be nice and short.

Grab the new blade, now it’s very important you get this the right way round, see it says “Grass Side”* on one side of the blade, this is obviously the side that goes underneath. Simply put it back aligning it with its spacer holes, put the nut back in like so ensuring it is as tight as possible with the spanner.

There we go, while I’m here I’m going to use this end of the spanner to give the mower a good old clean, now remember these Flymo spares are available on along with spares and accessories for over 500 brands of garden and home appliances.

*Please note that not all lawnmower blades will have the 'grass side' down instruction printed on them. In this instance please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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