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How to Replace a Dryer Sensor On an Indesit Washer Dryer

The dryer sensor in a washer dryer is used to regulate the air temperature, as faulty sensors mean your clothes may be dried too hot or cold and cause damage. If your dryer sensor has gone it can cause the machine to stop and display an F13 error code.

If this has happened on your washer dryer, let us help you replace the dryer sensor with this simple step by step guide. Fixing up your washer dryer will give you back the ability to wash and dry your clothes once again.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  Step 2 - Removing Top Panel

The first thing that we need to do is remove the top panel of the machine and to do so undo the two top screws at the back. With a little tug on the front the panel should pull away.

  Step 3 - Disconnecting Door Seal

Now with the top out the way, you now need to unscrew the top bracket to gain access to all the internal parts. Once that’s done, to access the sensor you will need to split open the heater tunnel. You can do this by removing the door seal from the heater tunnel and the cable tie, removing all electrical connections and unscrew the screws that keep it together.

Now the best way to remove the door seal from the bottom of the heater tunnel, without having to replace the cable tie, is to just ease it off with two hands.

  Step 4 - Replacing Old Sensor

Let's get this new sensor that we have the door seal disconnected we can move onto disconnecting all the electrical connections, which can be very stiff so do be very gentle when uncoupling.

Once those electrical connectors have been disconnected we can now unscrew and split open the heater tunnel and you’ll see the sensor on the edge that needs to be replaced.

Simply remove the old sensor and place the new one in the same position.

  Step 5 - Reassembling the Machine Together

Time to put everything back together… start by reconnecting the heater tunnel, but make sure all the seal around the edge of the heater tunnel is in position first.

With the heater tunnel back together we can re-screw the screws and reattach the electrical connections, before refitting the door seal around the heater tunnel.

eSpares Top Tip: Work the door seal around the back first before stretching it around to the front, this will ease the seal on without any struggle.

Now you can reuse the cable tie, simply use a small flathead screwdriver to push against the clasp. Using a pair of pliers make sure the cable tie it securely in position. To finish off reattach the bracket and the top of the appliance, and there we have it one new dryer sensor fitted to your washer dryer.

Don’t Forget To Give Your Washer Dryer A Good Clean

Your washer dryer no doubt works hard for you in getting your clothes nice and clean. If you want to show it some TLC, then it is a great idea to protect it from the build-up of limescale & detergent that can happen over time in your machine. Introducing the eSpares Limescale & Detergent Remover - where by using this you can help protect from this, as well as removing bad odours and bacteria build-up.

*Not suitable for top loading appliances

Need To Locate The Correct Dryer Sensor For Your Washer Dryer?

Here at eSpares, we have a wide-range of replacement washing machine parts for you to select from - so you can soon be on your way to repairing it yourself.

If you need any advice regarding repairs to your appliances at home, eSpares provide many helpful advice articles in our advice centre.

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