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How to Fix a Leak on Your Liquidizer - Kenwood

If your Kenwood liquidizer is leaking, it's likely the seal has become worn and will need replacing. Find out how to replace the part, by watching this video from eSpares.

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Video Transcript

Hi, if you've discovered that your liquidizer attachment has a leak there’s a high chance that your seal has perished or come away.

In order to get to the seal simply unscrew the jug from the base, using a tea towel for safety lift up the blades and there you can see the seal. Being careful not to cut yourself lift the seal off, grab your new seal and pop it into position making sure it’s nice and secure.

Using a tea towel again pop the blades back into the base, once in just make sure it’s nicely into position and then put your jug back on.

Kenwood do advise that none of these items are dishwasher safe so it’s always best to wash by hand, and all these parts are available on

Thanks for watching.

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