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How to Fit Plastic Flymo Lawnmower Blades

Not all lawnmowers come with sharp metal blades - some mowers will have plastic blades which will do the exact same job. Regardless of them being metal or plastic, you will need to make sure that the blades are sharp - as this is a crucial step in ensuring you can get a tidy and even cut for your lawns. If they are not replaced when needed, you could find your garden looking a little patchy.

If you have just retrieved the lawnmower from the back of the shed ready for the first cut of the season, you will most likely need to replace the blades. Luckily here at eSpares we can not only supply you with the blades but also advise you on just how simple it is to replace them.

Within only minutes you can have new blades fitted onto your lawnmower and you’ll be sprucing up your garden in no time!

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  Step 2 - Push it...Till it Clicks

To start, simply lever out the old plastic blade from the hole and then to replace them push the new blade back in - you’ll know it is secure as it’ll click in place.

As a Side Note:

If you need to change the cutting height of your lawnmower over the course of a season you can invert the cutting disc.

There you have it! Replacing the cutting blade on your lawnmower...could it have been any simpler? No need to answer because of course it's super simple! For more articles on helping to diagnose faults with your appliances or other guides on how to repair your appliances - see our catalogue of advice articles over at our advice centre.

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