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How to Fit Henry 3 Layer Hepa-Flo Filter Bags

If you are contemplating trying something different in your vacuum cleaner, perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with paper bags and want something a little more efficient?

Well allow us to recommend a 3 layer hepa-flo filter bag for your Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner! Made to a higher standard than bog standard paper bags - these work more efficiently to filter out any small dust particles and are far less likely to tear.

Enough of the sales pitch - you’ve come here to see how to fit one of these durable bags inside your Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner. It is advised to replace your vacuum cleaner bags roughly every month - if not then you could see a drop in suction and overall performance.

Continue through this article and we’ll talk you through just how simple it is to replace the vacuum bag...which of course you could replace the paper bag with a new 3 layer hepa-flo filter bag.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Splitting the Vacuum

The cleaner will have two clips on either side - pull these out, this will then allow you to lift the head assembly of the Henry off.

  Step 2 - Taking out the Filter

Simply, remove the pre-motor filter, you don’t need to fiddle about with this, you can just pull it out.

  Step 3 - Removing and Replacing the Bag

You should now see the old, full bag. Remove this and discard it, you can take the new, empty bag and fit it in place. When fitting the new bag make sure you pull the bag as close to the inner vacuum wall - this will help with the performance.

  Step 4 - Assembling the Cleaner

Once in place, place the filter back over the top of the bag and lower the head assembly onto the body. When in the correct location - push the clips back in and this will lock the head and body assemblies together.

There you go! You’ve just replaced an old filled bag with a new one. You should now notice a vast difference in suction power and performance. If you hadn’t done so already we also do recommend purchasing a 3 layer hepa-flo filter bag. You’ll be able to keep your home cleaner for longer.

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