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How to Find Your Lawnmower Model Number

Here at eSpares, when finding the correct part for your machine, we, most of the time require the model (also known as the product number) number however from time to time we may also ask for a serial number.

This article will help you locate and identify your lawnmowers data plate, on here you should find your machines information, which will lead us to better help find the parts you require.

Flymo rating plate

As an example we will use a Flymo’s rating plate - this information is what will be needed when making an enquiry. Please note however that other manufacturers information may differ, but the information should be relatively be similar.

Flymo Hover Mower Model Number Location

In order to find the correct blades for your mower you can normally just use the model name, located on the front of the machine. For more technical parts you may need more information from the data plate, particularly the 9 digit product number.

Depending on your lawn mower model the information plate can be located at the front, top or back of the machine, as illustrated below.

Lawnmower Model Number Location

Hopefully with this information, you will be able to confidently order your next replacement lawnmower blade or other part knowing that upon its arrival, it can be fitted and will have your machine working like new once again.

For more information on how to find your particular brand of lawnmower model information, click here to see our model number finder help page.

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