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How to Find a Tradesman



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If you’re unsure how to carry out a particular repair, it is recommended to contact a qualified engineer – and by following the guide below, you can make sure you get the right person for the job.

Who Do I Call?

Some appliance repairs must be carried out by a qualified professional. In these cases, if you cannot get your faulty appliance replaced by the retailer, you have three repair options:

Manufacturers and Appointed Agents:

If your appliance is still under guarantee, or if you have an extended warranty on it, you should closely follow all the instructions listed on your warranty/purchase agreement. Do not attempt to fix the appliance yourself as you could void your warranty.

Agents appointed by the manufacturer often only tackle repairs to their own products or to specified brands, which means that you'll be in good hands.

Independent Engineers:

We love the idea of supporting your local tradesperson, and they're often the fastest option. You can find independent trades people in the Yellow Pages and online, but we suggest you ask your friends for recommendations and get 3 quotes for a job, before committing.

Independent engineers should be able to tackle all general repairs to most makes of appliance, subject to them being able to obtain spare parts. Remember to let your chosen engineer know about the huge selection of appliance spares and accessories available at eSpares.

Electrical Appliance Retailers:

Some electrical retailers run their own service departments, and may be prepared to repair appliances that were bought elsewhere. You will find them listed under Electrical Appliance Retailers in your telephone directory.


When you call a professional, there are some questions you should ask them, and some they're likely to ask you. Knowing what these are can save you time and money.

What is the Make & Model Number of the Faulty Appliance?

Know all your appliance details before you call. The engineer will need to know your model number to be able to order the right parts for your appliance. Know which brand you own and ask if the engineer specialises in this brand.

Briefly Summarise the Problem:

So the engineer can bring any spare parts that are obviously required, such as a motor or pump.

Is There a Call-Out Fee & Does It Include Labour Time?

Ask what the hourly rate is, and whether the bill includes VAT.

Ask if They're a Member of the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA)

If they are, then they must perform the call out within 3 days and if a second visit is required that must occur within 7 days.

Confirm the Appointment Time:

Or at least whether it will be morning or afternoon. Ask whether the engineer makes evening or weekend visits, if weekdays are not convenient for you.

Give the Repairer Your Telephone Number:

And ask them to call if they cannot keep the appointment.

Write Down the Time the Engineer Arrives:

Once the fault has been diagnosed, ask for a written quotation for the repair before the work starts.

Take an Interest in the Repair Work & Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions:

The information may be useful should the appliance break down again.

Ask For a Fully Itemised Receipt:

And pay by cheque rather than cash so you have proof of payment in case of any subsequent dispute. If you pay by credit or debit card, ask for a receipt.

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