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How to Change the Door Handle on a Washing Machine (Zanussi)

If the door handle on your washing machine has become loose or broken, it'll need replacing. This is an easy task as explained within this eSpares video.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

In this video I'll be showing you how to change a door handle on a Zanussi washing machine.

If your door handle is loose and you can't open the door it's likely the door handle is broken and it needs replacing. The most common part the door handle to break is the in a plastic moulding, and this is usually due to excessive force being used to open the door when the door is locked shut.

Safety first, always unplug an appliance before carrying out any work.

If you find that your door is locked shut and you cannot open it, please see our separate videos for further information.

The next thing I need to do is to remove the door from the body of the appliance by undoing these two screws which hold the hinge in place. I have just put a protected mat on the top of the machine so I can work on it, and lay the door flat.

I need to separate the two parts of the door in order to access the door handle, and I do that by undoing the screws around the outside using a torq head screwdriver. With all the screws removed you can then use a flat head screwdriver to separate the two parts of the door.

With the two parts of the door separated I can lift-off the rear of the door and put it to one side, and here we have the door handle and the mechanism, put these two springs to the side and lift the handle out of the door. It's important that you replace the mechanism exactly as it was in the old handle into the new handle, push the bar through which releases the hook, I can then put the hook in the new door handle, and then put this into the door and join the door back together again.

With the door handle and mechanism in place, it’s actually much easier to reassemble the door upside down, reposition the anti-door close mechanism into place and make sure the spring goes back in its correct position, I can then carefully attach the top of the door making sure the hook goes through the hole to the back at the door.

I can now turn it over and refit the screws, with all the screws refitted I can reattach the door. Before I do it's worth mentioning that on some machines there is a plate behind the front panel which the hinges screw into. If during the fix this has fallen away you can access this from underneath the machine and refit it by removing the door seal do make sure that that's in place before refitting hinge screws.

There we have it, one brand new door handle fitted to this Zanussi washing machine. Door handles and all other spares for washing machines and other appliances can be found on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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