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How Electric Fan Ovens Work



Fan-assisted ovens are different from standard electric ovens because a fan continuously distributes heat around the inside of the oven, this reduces cooking times, and also ensures that food is cooked more evenly. As a side note, the even cooking method of a fan oven helps you produce perfectly soft and golden cookies - which in turn reduces eating times.

Here's how fan-assisted ovens work their magic:

  1. Power - flow of power to the oven element is controlled either mechanically by turning a temperature knob, or electronically by a control panel and timer.
  2. Temperature - the temperature is kept at the selected level by a thermostat connected to the cooking compartment by a tube.
  3. Fan - a fan in the back of the oven ensures food is evenly cooked by distributing hot air around the cooking compartment. The fan runs continuously while the oven is in use.
  4. Grill - when the grill mode is selected, grill elements at the top of the oven heat up. Normally the door should be left open during grilling to allow the heat to escape.
  5. Lights - on some models, lights on the control panel indicate when the oven has reached the selected temperature. A lamp inside the oven is lit whenever the oven is switched on.


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