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How a Cooker Hood Works

Understanding how your cooker hood works will help you to diagnose any faults which may develop; and in this video eSpares provide a brief "how a cooker hood works" guide.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh from eSpares, in this video I'll be explaining to you how a cooker hood works.

This cooker hood is set up as a re-circulating hood and it features these mesh filters which trap grease particles and stop them from travelling through into the hood where they can then be re-circulated back into your kitchen by the fan. These filters are washable but your cooker hood may feature paper filters, such as these, which are disposable.

If we just remove the mesh filters, inside we have a second set of filters, here, which contain odour-neutralising carbon and this stops bad smells from being re-circulated by the fan here, and again going back into your kitchen giving you much cleaner air.

If this was an extraction hood, the air would simply pass through the mesh filters and out through the top via some venting or ducting and away from your house.

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