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Hotpoint TCL Tumble Dryer Error/Fault Codes

If you have a Hotpoint TCL tumble dryer that malfunctions you may be left scratching your head as to the problem. But don’t despair, there’s a good chance your machine will let you know the cause of the issue by displaying an error code, either by showing a letter and number on the electronic display or by illuminating or flashing various lights on the control board of your machine. 

Identifying Hotpoint TCL Tumble Dryer Error Codes

If your Hotpoint TCL tumble dryer doesn't have an electronic display here’s an example of the lights that will be illuminated instead:

Here’s our handy table to crack the code of which light combinations correspond to each Hotpoint TCL tumble dryer fault code:

Now you know how to identify the fault codes in your Hotpoint TCL tumble dryer, here's the meaning behind each one!

Safety first: Always unplug the appliance before carrying out any work.

F01 – The motor is running when it shouldn’t be

There are various connections to the control module in your tumble dryer. Moisture in your machine can on some occasions cause these connections to short circuit. If this has happened to the J3 control module connector this can cause the motor to run when it should be off. If this is the case the module will need replacing.

F02 – Faulty motor

This error code could be caused by a faulty motor, motor wiring or once again the J3 connector to the control module. Test all three to get to the bottom of which part in your appliance needs replacing.

F03 – Front thermistor faulty    

The cause of this fault will be related to the thermistor (heating sensor) in your tumble dryer. You’ll need to look into the J12 module connector, the thermistor itself and the connections and wiring between the two.

F04 – The pump is running when it shouldn’t be

Similar to the F1 error, moisture in your machine could have caused a short circuit in one of the control module connections, on this occasion the J5 module connector. Check the connector. Once again the module will need replacing if it has shorted.

F05 – The pump is not running when it should be

If moisture has caused the J5 control module to short circuit it can also cause the opposite problem to the above and the pump may fail to run when it should. Again the module will need to be replaced to resolve this issue.

F06 – Not used

This error code should not be displayed so if you see it there could be a serious problem with the electronics in your machine.

F07 – Lower heating element failure

If there is a problem with the lower heating element in your tumble dryer you may see this error. Check the element itself as well as the connections and wiring between the element and the J4 control module as well as the module itself.

Take a look at our video below to see how to replace the element:

F08 – The lower element is on when it shouldn’t be

If the lower heating element is working when it shouldn’t be, once again this fault could be caused by moisture short circuiting a control module, on this occasion the J4 module. Check the connections and wiring to both the element and the control module. The module may have to be replaced if it’s faulty.

F09 – Programming error

If you see this error it is likely that the control board in your machine will need to be replaced and/or reprogrammed. As reprogramming the electronics in your machine requires specialist equipment that’s quite expensive, this is one of the rare cases where we’d advise contacting a qualified repairer, rather than having a go fixing your machine yourself.

F10 –Heater circuit fault

If there’s an issue with your tumble dryer heater, as this error code indicates, you’ll need to check the J4 module connector, the heater, heating elements and wiring and connections between them.

F11 –Pump is detected as open circuit

You’ll need to check the pump and its wirings and connections as well as the wiring and connections between the pump and the corresponding control module (J5) if you encounter this problem with the tumble dryer pump circuit. The J5 module itself may also have developed a fault, though this error is more commonly caused by the pump circuit itself.

F12 – Faulty connection between the display and the control modules

If the tumble dryer display can’t communicate with the control module this error will appear. Check the J9 module connection and wiring and the wiring and connections to your machine’s display. The display, module or wiring may need to be replaced once you’ve established which part of your machine is causing the fault code to appear.

F13 – Rear thermistor circuit fault

This error indicates a problem with the tumble dryer thermistor (temperature sensor). Check the thermistor and its wiring and connections as well as the wiring and connections to the J4 module connector.

F14 – Upper element failure

This fault code relates to the upper element in your tumble dryer. The element or the wiring or connections to it could be faulty as could the J4 connection to the main control module. The fault could also be caused by wiring which has short circuited due to moisture in your machine. The module itself commonly causes this fault and may need replacing in your machine.

F15 – The upper element is on when it shouldn’t be

If the J4 connector has short circuited it can also have the opposite effect, causing the element to be on when it should be off. As above, the module is a common cause of this issue, but the problem could also be caused by the heating element and wiring between the element and the module.

F16 – Not Used

As per fault F6 this error code isn’t used so if you see it there could be a serious problem with the electronics in your machine.

F17 – Master relay contacts welded closed

Your control module will need replacing if this fault occurs.

So you know what the fault code in your machine means. That’s all very well, but you may be wondering if you’re planning to fix your tumble dryer yourself, how to go about it and where to get the parts. We’ve got you covered on both counts!

Over on our YouTube channel you’ll find tumble dryer videos and advice to help you take your dryer apart and replace the part causing the fault. You can find the replacement parts for your model on our site too – just be sure to have your model number handy.

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