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Hotpoint And Indesit Washing Machine Error/Fault Codes

As Hotpoint and Indesit machines are made by the same company (Indesit Group) lots of washing machine models manufactured by these two brands have the same fault codes. If you have a machine from either brand and you have a fault code appearing we have the key to decoding it!

Identifying Hotpoint And Indesit Washing Machine Error Codes

Some machines will have an LCD display which will show the letter and number of the code if your machine has an error.

On models without this digital display the fault codes can be identified from the lights lit on the panel. For a full explanation of this see below the attached images and table.

These are some examples of the lights which will illuminate:

Hotpoint error codes


Hotpoint error codes


And here is the table explaining which fault code each light combination indicates:

Hotpoint & Indesit washing machine error codes

Without further ado here are the codes explained in numerical order (we’re helpful like that).

Safety first: Always unplug the appliance before carrying out any work.

F1 – Motor Triac Short

The motor triac controls the speed of your washing machine motor. If a fault with the triac, the triac connections or wiring or the motor has developed you’ll see this error. You’ll need to check all of the aforementioned areas to get to the bottom of the problem.

F2 – Motor jammed or tacho off

The tacho measures the speed of the motor. If your washing machine has detected a fault with it this indicates that the motor is not turning as expected or there’s a problem with the tacho itself.  Check:
- Motor
- Tacho
- Connections between motor and tacho
- Main circuit board.

F3- NTC thermistor shorted or open circuit

The NTC thermistor lets the washing machine know the temperature of the water. You can usually find it in or next to the heating element. To establish the cause of this fault check the thermistor, the connections to it and the connections to the main control module.

F4 – Pressure switch jammed on empty

The pressure switch tells the machine whether or not there’s water in the drum. A pressure switch jammed on empty will tell the washing machine that there isn’t any water inside, even if there is. Investigate the hose to the switch for blockages, wiring, module connections and the switch itself to find the fault.

F5 – Pressure switch jammed on full

The opposite fault to the above, if the pressure switch is jammed on full it will tell your machine there is water inside it even when there is no water in the machine. As above this could be caused by the hose to the switch being blocked, faulty wiring, module connections or by the switch itself. This fault could also be caused by a blocked pump, so if you can’t a problem elsewhere check the pump and unblock it if necessary.

F6 – Not used

Sometimes error codes that aren’t used still flash up if there is a fault with the electronics in your machine. This fault will require further investigation if you see it and could be an issue with the program selector if you have an older machine.

F7 – Heater relay stuck

If there is a problem with the heating system in your machine you’ll see this fault. Check:

-          The heating element and wiring

-          The connections to the control module

-          The heating components

F8 – Heater relay stuck

As above this fault indicates a problem with the heating system in your machine and could also be caused by the pressure switch.

F9 – Setup Error

This error is not easy to fix as it is not just the case of removing a faulty part and fitting a spare, but potentially completely reprogramming or replacing the electronics in the washing machine. This is probably best left to the professionals.

F10 – Pressure Switch

This fault indicates a problem with the pressure switch, which monitors the amount of water in the washing machine drum. Check the hose to the switch for blockages, the pressure switch itself or its connections or wiring could be faulty, or there could be a problem elsewhere in the pressure system.

F11 – Drain pump

If you see this error it means your washing machine drain pump (the part which drains water from your machine) is not working as expected. There could be a blockage stopping it from working. Check the pump for obstructions and if there are none check the connections between the pump and the electronics module. 

Here's how to check your machine for drainage issues and replace the pump:

F12 – No communication between control boards

There could be a faulty cable between the two electronic control cards in your machine causing this error. It could also be the case that one of the control cards itself has failed.

F13 – High dryer temperature

This is a fault which could appear if you have a washer dryer and it has overheated. Check the lint filters and the machine for blockages to air flow as this could be causing the dryer to get too hot. If the air can flow freely, then the fault could be caused by the dryer motor or thermistor (dryer sensor). 

If it's the dryer sensor causing the fault Mat explains how to fix it:

F14 – Dryer not heating

Conversely, if the dryer won’t heat at all there could be a number of causes. Investigate the:

-          Thermostat

-          Heating element

-          Module connections

-          Fan motor

F15 – Dryer element relay

A fault with the dryer element could be caused by:

-          The element itself

-          Faulty wiring

-          Module connections

-          The thermostats

F16 – Not used

As with F6 this fault is not used but may still appear. The electronics will need to be diagnosed as they could be faulty.

F17 – Door lock

If the door lock error code flashes it could just be that the door hasn’t been closed properly. Otherwise this error could be caused by a broken door lock mechanism, broken door handle or faulty connections.

F18 – Communications Error on 3 phase motor

This is a tricky fault code. The power board in your machine will quite possibly need replacing if you see this error which is another fix best left to a qualified professional.

To see where each part in your machine is located watch Mat demonstrate on an Indesit model. 

If you’ve got to the bottom of your washing machine issue and need to find a spare part to complete your fix we’ve got you covered. We’ve got the Hotpoint and Indesit spare parts you need to bring your washing machine back to its former glory and wash your laundry with ease. Just remember – always have your model number handy to be sure you’re buying the right replacement part for your machine. 

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