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Common Vacuum Faults - Numatic

There are one of five reasons why your numatic vacuum cleaner may be experiencing a loss of suction, and in this video eSpares explain what each of the issues are and how to resolve them.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh from eSpares.

If you have a Numatic vacuum cleaner such as this Henry, and you're experiencing a loss of suction with it, this can arise due to one of five reasons:

  1. The bag
  2. The filter
  3. The hose
  4. A problem with the airway
  5. The motor

Safety First! Please make sure that you’ve switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

So let's have a look at the bags first. Now, it might sound obvious but if you have a bag that is full or even just two thirds full, that's going to result in a loss of suction in your machine so you're going to need to empty it out as much as possible.

Also check the bag's material for any tears or holes, because that's also going to result in a loss of suction. If you are replacing the bag, make sure that you find the correct one for your particular model.

Bags are available in two different types, this reusable fabric bag and also disposable paper bags like these, both of which are equally suitable for your machine.

The second area where you might get a loss of suction, is with the filter.

Numatic vacuums have this quite large bucket-type filter and they use to be washable but they're not anymore so, if you're experiencing a problem you're going to need to replace it around about every 6 months. As this one's getting quite old now, I'm going to pop in a new one.

The third area where you might get a problem is with a blockage somewhere in the air-flow.

So if you've got a blockage in the hose, a good way to test is by turning the vacuum on and checking for the difference in the level of suction between the end of the hose and the other end here, where it joins your machine.

Obviously if the level of suction is higher here, that would point to a blockage somewhere in the hose, and a good way of pushing out any blockages in the hose is by taking a broom handle and just pushing it all the way down the length of the hose like so, and that will force out any blockages that might be in there.

The fourth area where we might get a loss of suction, is due to any tears or holes in the hose material.

Here we have what is obviously an extreme example. But any splits or tears such as these can obviously result in a real loss of suction so, if you've got something like that you're going to need to get a new hose.

If you've checked those four areas and you're still experiencing a loss of suction, the problem is most likely to lie with the motor. The motor can be replaced but it is quite a tricky procedure, however, you can see me performing this repair in another eSpares video.

At eSpares we stock bags, filters, hoses and wide range of spares and accessories for Numatic and other vacuum cleaner manufacturers.

Thanks for watching.

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