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Common Trimmer Faults

Understanding how to diagnose faults with your appliances can help in the long term, knowing what the possible causes to your grass trimmer head not turning can instantly calm any worry or stress.

In this article we run through the most common causes to why your trusted grass trimmer has given up the ghost and give you some insight on simple fixes.

Safety First! Please make sure your appliance is switched off before beginning any maintenance work.

Cutting Head Won’t Turn

Diagnosing why your cutting head may not be turning can be simple, we have narrowed down three main reasons as to why this fault may have happened.

Is the cutting head blocked?

Over time, if not cleaned regularly grass cuttings and other items of debris may block the cutting head. To resolve this, unplug your machine and give the cutting area a good clean.

Is your line tangled?

With your trimmer switched off, remove the spool and untangle the line. It is recommended to check before each use that the line has not become tangled.

The motor!

If the motor fails unfortunately there is not a lot you can do - therefore we suggest contacting a qualified engineer to inspect and repair your trusted trimmer for you.

No Function

A faulty cutting head could be a pain, however if there is zero power getting to the machine then the fault could lie elsewhere. Below we have collected another three main causes to your trimmer being unable to work.

Is there any power present?

  • Check the main flex, the plugs fuse and don’t forget to double check the mains outlet for any obvious signs of faults.
  • The switch could have become damaged or simply faulted. If this is the case then we strongly advise seeking help from a qualified engineer.
  • Occasionally the RCD may have tripped - to diagnose we recommend checking the flex and plug for damage. If you find that it is all in order then simply reset the RCD, if it trips again unplug the trimmer and contact a qualified professional who may be able to repair your trimmer.

Understanding the basic diagnosis for even the most minor faults can help you understand the repair process. Having even the most minor understanding can help ensure your garden trimming needs are not interrupted for too long.

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