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Common Trimmer Faults

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Fault Diagnosis

Cutting Head Won't Turn:

There are a few common reasons why the cutting head on your grass trimmer will not turn. These include:

  • The head is blocked with grass or debris – resolve this by unplugging the trimmer and cleaning the cutting area.
  • The line has become tangled on the reel – this can be fixed by unplugging the trimmer and carefully unravelling the line, before refitting it.
  • There’s a fault with the motor – unfortunately, you’ll need to contact a qualified engineer to repair the fault.


No Functions

  • No power is present – check the mains flex, the plug’s fuse and wiring and the mains outlet for obvious signs of faults.
  • There’s a faulty switch – it’s advisable to contact a qualified engineer to repair such a fault.
  • The RCD has tripped – we recommend you check the flex and plug for damage. If all is in order, reset RCD. If it trips again, unplug trimmer and contact a qualified engineer.

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