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Common Carpet Washer Faults

Fault Diagnosis

Safety First! Please make sure that you’ve switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

Carpet Cleaner Not Functioning At All:

No power - check the mains lead, plug fuse and mains supply.

No Water Flow:

Pump failure - contact a qualified repairer.
Pump drive belt broken or drive shaft clogged with carpet fibres or hair - make sure unit is turned off, disconnected from mains and cool. Remove and debris, or replace the drive belt if it's broken.
Blockage in pipe or filters - check and clear filters. Disconnect pipes and flush. Use a descaler if mineral deposits are a problem in your area.

Brushes Not Turning:

Dirt, hair or fibres wrapped around spindle - turn the unit off and disconnect it from the mains. Check for dirt, hair or objects wrapped around the spindle. Remove the brush if possible. If not, use a scrubbing brush to clean. Replace the brush if necessary.

Detergent Not Getting To Carpet:

Detergent tank empty - fill with the recommended detergent.
Unit on wrong setting - make sure detergent control knob on cleaner is in 'on' position to clean and not rinse.
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