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Common Carpet Washer Faults

Fault Diagnosis

Carpet Cleaner Not Functioning At All:

No power - check the mains lead, plug fuse and mains supply.

No Water Flow:

Pump failure - contact a qualified repairer.
Pump drive belt broken or drive shaft clogged with carpet fibres or hair - make sure unit is turned off, disconnected from mains and cool. Remove and debris, or replace the drive belt if it's broken.
Blockage in pipe or filters - check and clear filters. Disconnect pipes and flush. Use a descaler if mineral deposits are a problem in your area.

Brushes Not Turning:

Dirt, hair or fibres wrapped around spindle - turn the unit off and disconnect it from the mains. Check for dirt, hair or objects wrapped around the spindle. Remove the brush if possible. If not, use a scrubbing brush to clean. Replace the brush if necessary.

Detergent Not Getting To Carpet:

Detergent tank empty - fill with the recommended detergent.
Unit on wrong setting - make sure detergent control knob on cleaner is in 'on' position to clean and not rinse.
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