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AEG Built In Oven Error / Fault Codes - F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9

If your oven stops working as usual it may display an error code. The codes here, found on AEG built in oven error codes can also apply to some Electrolux ovens and AEG cookers too. Understanding these codes could give you the key to being able to fix your faulty oven more easily.

If the code doesn’t seem to match your ovens symptoms, you can still diagnose the fault the old fashioned way, by consulting the manual, observing the machine to try to pinpoint the error and testing with a multimeter.

Safety First! Please make sure that you've switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

Decoding AEG Built In Oven Error Codes

If your oven has identified a fault you may see one of the following codes on the LCD display. Luckily a few of these codes can be cleared very simply by using the classic fix – unplugging, waiting five minutes then plugging back in again!

F0 – No Alarm Signal

The main control board in your oven has failed to communicate with the alarm. This is most likely a fault with the control board itself, which may need replacing.

F1 – Door Not Locking

If there is an issue with the door lock in your appliance you may see this error code. Check the door lock and the wiring and connections to it to get to the cause of the fault

F2 – Door Not Unlocking

The opposite fault to the above, this fault indicates your oven door won’t unlock. Once again you’ll need to check the door lock mechanism and its wiring and connections. This fault could also be down to the oven thermostat as this could be giving an incorrect temperature reading, preventing the door lock from being released.

F3 – Self Test Error

Turn off your appliance, unplug it for five minutes or so and plug it back in again. Doing so should clear the F3 error code. Easy as that!. If it does not clear the problem you are likely to have a fault so see the links to our diagnosis videos below.

F4 – Temperature Sensor Fault

If you see this error code you’ll need to check your temperature sensor and the wiring and connections between the sensor and the main control board. You may need to replace the sensor.

F5 – Control Board Error

This fault suggests a problem has developed with the main electronic control board in your AEG oven. It may need replacing to bring your machine back to full working order again.

F7 – Mains Supply Issue

You’ll see this fault if your oven has detected a problem with the power coming into it. This could mean your appliance has been wired in incorrectly. You’ll need to check the mains supply connection to your oven to get to the bottom of this error code.

F8 – Power Supply Issue to Control Board

The main control board is not receiving power as it should. Check the wiring and connections to it. If all the connections are fine, you’ll possibly need to replace the control board.

F9 – Processor Auto Resetting

As with error F3, turning off and unplugging your appliance for five minutes before plugging it back should reset and fix this fault code.

If your AEG built in oven is faulty but not displaying any of the above fault codes we won’t leave you all alone to fix it. You can still save money diagnosing and repairing your appliance yourself. First try to identify your fault using one of our diagnosis videos like How to Diagnose Problems with your Oven or How to Diagnose a Fault with an Electric Hob.

Once you’ve found the reason your appliance is underperforming you can pick up a replacement part and fit it. Job done and your appliance lives to see another day! 

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