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A Pre-Christmas Checklist



The holiday season is fast approaching and it's important to make sure your home and appliances are ready to avoid a Christmas disaster, especially if you are hosting friends and family.

To help you achieve a stress free holiday period, we’ve provided some top tips below.


Hungry guests will not be happy guests. So make sure your cooker is prepared to handle the delicious food you plan to serve up for friends and family.


One of the most common parts that needs to be replaced on an electric oven is the element. This is a relatively straight forward fix and you can see exactly how to do so in eSpares how-to videos. Signs that your element isn't working correctly are that it doesn't heat up properly / at all, or if there are bright/ patchy spots on the element.

Oven Thermometer:

An oven thermometer is a must, especially if you're planning on cooking a turkey or anything else that demands a specific temperature to cook thoroughly.

Oven Door Seal:

If your oven is not reaching its desired temperature, then it will likely be due to an issue with the door seal. In this video Rory shows you how to change the door seal to make sure your oven is holiday ready.

Top tip: If your cooker knobs are melting this will likely be because of a faulty seal and heat escaping from the oven vs the knobs themselves.

Meat Thermometer:

If you are cooking a turkey you absolutely must have a meat thermometer to make sure it's properly cooked. This should be inserted into the thickest part of the bird between the thigh and the body. The temperature should be 82 degrees Celsius/180 degrees Fahrenheit and the juices should be running clear.

Cleaning Your Oven:

Cleaning your oven can be a big quite a big task that should be done well ahead of cooking. In this video Matt gives a very detailed explanation about how to clean your oven and make sure it's performing properly.

Make More Space:

You'll undoubtedly be cooking more food than normal during the holidays so it's necessary to maximise the space in your oven. An extendable oven shelf will offer additional space for cooking as well an extendable baking tray is ideal for cooking a turkey and will accommodate just about any size of bird.


As well as the cooker, your dishwasher will undoubtedly be over worked throughout the holidays. You'll want to make sure it's ready to handle the extra work and avoid accosting yourself and your guests with marigolds.

Common Faults:

Common faults to dishwashers include broken cutlery baskets, damaged wheels and faulty door seals. Be sure to check all these are in good working order well ahead of Christmas.

Dishwasher Wheels:

These are a relatively easy and inexpensive part to fit and not to mention crucial in making sure your dishwasher works properly. Choosing the right basket wheels for your machine is also utterly straight-forward as Matt so kindly shows us.

Dishwasher Door Seal:

You'll know if the door seal on your dishwasher has become faulty if water is leaking from the front of the machine. Most dishwashers have two seals. An upper 3 sided seal which is relatively easy fix and a lower/ bottom seal which requires a bit more work. Make sure both are intact in time for the holidays.

Fridge/ Freezer:

So, your cooker is in good order, your dishwasher looks great, next make sure your fridge is ready to take on the task of storing extra food and drinks.

Give Yourself More Space:

A wine bottle rack is a great addition to your fridge and will fit most makes and models. It stores up to three bottles of wine and simply slips underneath your existing fridge shelves, making use of the originally unused space. It also removes potential strain to your existing bottle/door shelves which will no doubt already be full.

Keep It Clean:

Your fridge will be working overtime storing all kinds of delicious holiday treats. Make sure you keep it smell-free to avoid any contaminated food making its way to your guests!

Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer:

Your washing machine and tumble dryer will probably feel some stress as you prepare to get things sorted ahead of the holidays.

Prevent Limescale Build-Up:

Over time limescale and detergent will build up in the workings of your machine. It is really important to rid your machine of this to help it clean properly and run more efficiently to reduce your energy costs. Limescale and detergent remover is a great product to prevent this (It can also be used in your dishwasher).

Leaky Washing Machine:

If your machine is leaking you'll need to fix it ASAP to prevent any further damage. There are a number of reasons the machine might be leaking and you can watch Mat show you how to find out the cause and get it fixed.

Use Your Tumble Dryer Efficiently:

Anywhere you can save money is key to helping make for a stress-free holiday. Learn to use your tumble dryer more efficiently so you can pinch those pennies and instead use them to purchase anything more exciting that your friends and family can enjoy.


The dreaded task of cleaning is not one to get too excited about but alas must be done before, during and after your guests arrive.

Pre-Holiday Cleaning:

It's absolutely imperative to make sure your house is clean and looking fantastic ahead of the holidays. The sooner you get it done the sooner you can relax. We published a fantastic Spring Cleaning Advice article but it offers general cleaning tips to apply any time of year!


Red wine and other food messes have a great way of finding their way to your carpets and furniture when you've got friends and family round. Be at the ready with the perfect stain removal products. Whatever spills and stains you're facing, you'll find the perfect stain removal products with eSpares.


Your home and appliances have been worked and over-worked and will probably need some attention. If you're lucky you won't be left with too much of a mess to get through but there are lots of great cleaners and products to help make cleaning up a little less stressful.

The holidays are about spending time with friends and family and giving yourself a break from the stresses of everyday. The sooner you get your home and appliances in order the sooner you'll be able to relax and enjoy your holiday so you can give your full attention to those around. This will help contribute to happy holiday and a fantastic Christmas.

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