Bosch Garden Shredder Insert

Stock Number: ES1139215

Manufactured by Bosch

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Bosch Garden Shredders


This is a genuine replacement Bosch Garden Shredder Insert and is suited to fit the Bosch 'AXT 2000 HP' model.

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Product Reviews

Rated 5.0 out of 5 (1 customer)
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  • Satisfying job

    • 5.0 out of 5
    • 5.0 out of 5
    • 5.0 out of 5
    • 4.0 out of 5

    By - Chesterfield

    This job involves the removal or slackening of screws with ‘security’ heads. I already had a set of ‘security’ screwdriver ‘bits’, which I had bought cheaply on the local market. No other special tools required. 1) Remove the 6 screws that hold the black upper housing cover in place. Easier to do this if whole shredder is turned upside down. 2) Turn shredder right way up & pull housing cover off. 3) Remove top 2 or 3 screws that hold the 2 sides of the green plastic chute together. Slacken off remaining screw(s). 4) Pull & hold the green plastic parts apart at the top & manipulate the old insert out. This is a difficult bit! Be careful not to break the green plastic. May help if you wedge the green plastic apart or have assistance. 5) Insert the new insert – reverse of previous step – again a bit difficult. Make sure that it is right way up & right way round! Insert has 1 lug in centre of 1 side & 2 lugs towards ends on other side. Ensure that these match up with corresponding cut-outs in metal rim. 6) Replace & re-tighten 4 screws in green plastic chute. 7) Replace housing cover. May not fit exactly at this point, if it has been distorted by use. Carefully turn whole shredder upside down & replace 6 screws, but DO NOT TIGHTEN COMPLETELY at this stage. 8) Turn shredder right way up. Gradually ease housing cover into correct position – its inner edge fits into a groove in top of insert. Gradually tighten screws in turn (have to do this with shredder right way up) until housing cover is securely in place & all screws are tight.

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  • Q How do you fit a shredder insert? 1 Answer

    I have recently bought my second bosch shredder insert having ruined the first trying to fit it! Is there an easy way of fitting these? Part no:- 1605190055. Thanks, Sue

    By Anonymous - Birmingham - 21 March 2011

    • A
      Hi there. Replacing the insert should be really easy; first remove the housing cover, then unclip the old one - it's clipped in to place at three locations. Remove the old insert, and fit the new one doing the exact same thing in reverse order.

      By Rory eSpares Staff - 21 March 2011

  • Q Is this the insert that fits below the top cover? An image would be helpful thanks. 1 Answer

    The part I mean is the one that fits under the slot in your part number ES1136743.

    By aaace - Wiltshire UK - 27 June 2010

    • A
      Please contact our call centre with your full model details. We should hopefully be able to get you the correct part. This link should help:

      By eSparesMalindi eSpares Staff - 30 June 2010