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Vacuum Cleaner Repair Help & Advice

If your trusty vacuum cleaner develops a fault, don't bin it, fix it! Simple jobs like cleaning filters or replacing a broken hose can add years to your vacuum’s life. Our eSpares advice articles and how-to videos will guide you through common vacuum repairs and the basics of maintaining your cleaner. All vacuum spares featured in these articles are available on our website.

How to Replace Dyson Ball Cylinder Cleaner Filters

Blocked filters will reduce air flow through a cleaner. This not only reduces the suction but can also reduce the motor cooling and lead to failure. This video shows how to clean these filters and if required how to replace them in a typical Dyson Cylinder cleaner.

How to Replace Dyson Upright Ball Cleaner Filters

Dirty filters will reduce the suction of your vacuum and because there is less air cooling the motor, overheating may occur. This video shows how to remove, clean or replace filters on Dyson upright vacuum cleaners.

Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags Stock Number: ES471016

If you cannot find a supplier for your vacuum bags or they are no longer available these bags may be a useful alternative. Simply use the cardboard fitting from your old bag and attach it to the self adhesive fitting.