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Tumble Dryer Repair Help & Advice

If you’ve got a big household, your tumble dryer is likely a favourite timesaver. Fixing your dryer yourself can save you money and keep your machine working for longer. Our help articles will guide you through the most common faults and how to identify the spares you need to maintain your appliance. All dryer spares featured in our articles are available on our website.

How to Fix A Tumble Dryer Drive Belt and Pulley (Beko)

If your dryer motor is running but the drum is not turning it is likely the belt has broken. Mat shows how to change the belts and pulley on a Beko dryer. If your Beko dryer only has one belt please see our other video.

Hotpoint CTD Washer Dryer Error/Fault Codes

When your washer dryer stops working it may display a fault code to give some indication of the problem. For Hotpoint CTD models of tumble dryer or washer dryer these are the codes you should encounter and how to interpret them.

Hotpoint TCL Tumble Dryer Error/Fault Codes

If you have a Hotpoint TCL tumble dryer that malfunctions you may be left scratching your head as to the problem. But don’t despair, there’s a good chance your machine will let you know the cause of the issue by displaying an error, either by showing a letter and number on the electronic display or by illuminating or flashing various lights on the control board of your machine.