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Tumble Dryer Repair Help & Advice

If you’ve got a big household, your tumble dryer is likely a favourite timesaver. Fixing your dryer yourself can save you money and keep your machine working for longer. Our help articles will guide you through the most common faults and how to identify the spares you need to maintain your appliance. All dryer spares featured in our articles are available on our website.

How to Fix an E11 Error on a Hoover Washer Dryer

Problems with your Hoover washer dryer? When you see E11 displayed on your appliance’s control panel, or an LED on the display blinks 11 times, pauses then repeats, your washer dryer has recognised the cause of the issue.

How to Fix an E12 Error on a Hoover Washer Dryer

Sometimes, sadly your Hoover washer dryer will let you down. But on the plus side, if it is displaying E12 on the control panel, or an LED is flashing twelve times, pausing, then repeating, it’s easier to work out what’s wrong.

How to Fix an E13 Error on a Hoover Washer Dryer

Got an unexplained code or flashing LED on your Hoover washer dryer display panel? Let us demystify the code! When you see E13 displayed, or an LED continuously blinking thirteen times between pauses, this is your machine’s way of letting you know precisely what has gone wrong with it.

How to Fix an E14 Error on a Hoover Washer Dryer

No idea what’s wrong with your faulty Hoover washer dryer? Take a look at your machine’s display panel and if you see E14 displayed, or an LED flashing fourteen times between pauses then repeating, your machine is giving you a clue.

How to Fix A Tumble Dryer Drive Belt and Pulley (Beko)

If your dryer motor is running but the drum is not turning it is likely the belt has broken. Mat shows how to change the belts and pulley on a Beko dryer. If your Beko dryer only has one belt please see our other video.