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Microwave Repair Help & Advice

Not only do we carry a huge selection of microwave spares, but we've also got all the help articles and how-to videos you need to fit them. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to fit a wave guide cover or you simply need a new glass turntable, eSpares can help. All the spares we feature in this section are available on our website.

How a Microwave Oven Works

Curious about how your microwave cooks food without any visible cooking surfaces? Microwaves use high frequency waves to cook your food quickly - allow Matt to explain.

How to Clean a Microwave Oven

Cleaning your microwave regularly helps you avoid burnt food deposits and unpleasant smells. Here's our guide to removing dirt and grease safely with minimum fuss.

How to Replace a Wave Guide Cover

A wave guide cover is an inexpensive spare and could save you the cost of replacing your microwave. Here Helen shows you how to fit a wave guide cover, with a bonus tip on how to get your microwave sparkling clean.

How to Find Your Microwave Model Number

Your search for microwave spares starts with finding your oven's model number - that way you know any parts you order will fit like a glove. Here's our guide on finding your model number.

How a Microwave Works

Ever wondered how your microwave cooks food so quickly? Understanding how it works could help you fix your microwave if it gives up the ghost.

Common Microwave Faults

Is your microwave cooking food unevenly? Or maybe it isn't cooking the food at all? Use our diagnostic guide to find the causes and solutions to the most common microwave faults.

How to Replace a Turntable Motor

If the glass plate in your microwave has stopped rotating then it might be time to replace the motor that's meant to power it.