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Cooker & Hob Repair Help & Advice

Our articles and how-to videos on cookers, hobs, ovens and stoves are designed to make your life easier. Learn to fix it yourself and save a few bob with how-to videos on replacing popular spares such as fan oven elements. All featured cooker spares are available on our website.

How to Maintain Your Gas Hob

Over time your gas hob can begin to look worn, or parts can become faulty. In this video, eSpares explain how to maintain your gas hob helping it to look and work like new.

Common Cooker and Oven Faults

Over time, as a result of general wear and tear our ovens can develop faults. In this guide, eSpares look at some of the more common faults and how to fix them - helping you keep your appliance running.

How Electric Fan Ovens Work

Ever wondered how your fan-assisted oven is different from a standard electric oven? This eSpares guide explains why fan ovens cook food more evenly and reduce cooking times.

How Gas Cookers and Hobs Work

Understanding how your gas cooker works may help you work out how to fix it. This eSpares article provides a basic description of what happens when you turn your cooker or hob on, and of some of the parts involved in keeping it functioning properly.

How to Find Your Oven Model Number

Knowing your cooker / oven's model number will help to ensure if you ever require a spare part for the appliance, you get the right part. Find out how to find your cooker's model number by following the advice in this eSpares guide.

How to Clean Your Cooker

Cleaning your oven thoroughly helps it look and perform better. Here is the eSpares guide to effectively cleaning the hob, door glass, and inner walls of your cooker.

How to Change an Oven Door Seal

If hot air is escaping from your oven, it may be time to replace the door gasket. This simple guide, from eSpares, will show you how to replace the door seal on your oven.

Changing Your Oven Light Bulb

Burnt-on grease can make changing your cooker's lamp difficult. This guide, from eSpares, demonstrates how to change the bulb by removing the back panel of the oven.