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How to Stop Water Collecting in Your Fridge

eSpares customers often ask how to fix the problem of water running down the back interior wall of the fridge and collecting under the vegetable drawers. In this video eSpares Helen explains how to easily stop water from collecting in your fridge.

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Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares.

If you find that water is collecting in the bottom of your fridge or your salad drawers, it's probably because the condensation drain hole is blocked.

Condensation runs down the back of the fridge and collects in this gully, the water is then channelled through the drain hole into a cup which sits on a compressor, it's then evaporated away.

The easiest way to clean this is with a cotton bud. The drain hole can easily get blocked by crumbs of food, remember to regularly clean the drain hole, as not only does it cause water to collect in your fridge but it can also cause a nasty smell.

Thanks for watching.

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