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How to Replace the Soleplate on a Dyson - DC25

Your vacuum cleaners soleplate is the part that's most in contact with the floor, so it's not surprising that it gets damaged. Find out the best way to replace this, by watching this eSpares video.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares.

The soleplate on your vacuum cleaner is the part that's in contact with the floor, so it's not surprising that it gets damaged. I'm going to show you how to replace a damaged soleplate on this DC25.

I'm going to start by removing the cleaner head assembly, so I just pull this button up and pull the cleaner head towards me. I'm then going to remove these 8 crews, for this, I require a Torx key, a set of these are available on the eSpares website. So now that I've removed all the Torx screws, I need to remove this screw here, which is a cross head or Phillips screw which holds this wheel in place.

Now that I've removed the final screw, I just need to remove the wheel cover and the wheel and then separate the 2 halves of the cleaner head. I need to remove the brush bar, so I just need a coin to unlock it and twist the end cap and pull the brush bar out. I also need to remove the belt in order to remove the soleplate. So, to do that, I use a flat-head screwdriver to prise it out, and now I just pull the soleplate away.

I would replace it with a new soleplate but as this one is still in quite good condition I'm going to keep this. So just pop it back on and then I just put everything back together in the opposite order, starting with the belt. There we go, that's the cleaner head reassembled. Now I just need to reattach it to the Dyson, this can be a little tricky, there we go, one soleplate replaced on a Dyson DC25.

Thanks for watching.

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