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How to Replace the Actuators and Springs on a Dyson - DC05

If your vacuum is a cylinder model, you'll be pressing on the actuator and actuator springs with your feet. Actuators can get damaged, and springs wear out - watch eSpares show you how to replace them.

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Hi I’m Rory from eSpares, in this video, I’m going to show you how to replace the actuators and the springs which sit beneath them on a Dyson DC05.

Now, the DCO5 is a canister style vacuum which means that most likely you’ll be pressing the actuators most of the time with your feet, because of this, the actuators can get damaged or, more likely, the spring can go.

Safety first, always make sure your vacuum is unplugged before you get to work.

What I’m going to do first is just remove the bin, along with the cyclone top and filter just so they can get out of the way and I can get to work.

Now, to remove the on/off actuator is really, really easy, you just grab the ends you don’t press down and pull away like that. There you go, there’s your actuator and the spring on it, really easy, just take it off and put the new one on, really, really easy. Same thing goes when you put the actuator back on, make sure it’s all lined up and there you go.

The cable rewind actuator is a bit more difficult, you’ve got to first remove this cyclone inlet assembly, and to do that, you need to get a screwdriver and put in there and this can be quite tough, so you just need to use a bit of force with that. Now the same thing goes for the cable rewind actuator. Take off the side that you don’t press down, there’s the spring, comes off like that, easy peasy, then, just put it back on in the same way and now you can put your cyclone inlet back on.

There you go, actuators and springs replaced.

Thanks for watching.

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