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How to Replace Cooker Knobs and Buttons

If your cooker is looking a bit tired, replacing the knobs and buttons can have it looking like new in no time. In this video, eSpares demonstrate how simple it is to fit new buttons and knobs on an oven.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Mat from eSpares.

Now a very inexpensive way to give your cooker a quick face lift is to replace the knobs and the buttons.

The knobs can be a little bit stiff at times, so in this case I'm using a spoon to help me lever the knob off, and that pops off like so. Get your new knob, now as you can see the fittings here are “D” shaped fitting which match the spindle behind. Simply put that back onto the spindle and slip that on like 'that.

Now the buttons are even simpler. Simply pinch those either side to remove like so, and put the new one in like that. As usual, these cooker spares are available from along with spares and accessories for over 500 brands of appliance.

Thanks for watching.  

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