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How to Replace a Karcher Hose and Handgun

This year (2010) Karcher launched 'Quick Connect' functionality on their replacement Hose & Handgun Kit. It's incredibly easy to use and in this video Mat demonstrates how to fit it.


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Video Transcript:


Hi, I'm Mat from eSpares.

Now, replacing a gun and hose on your Karcher pressure washer is really simple. But, there are different types of gun and hose available, so to find the right one for your machine it is essential you have the right information.

All Karcher pressure washers have the model number in the front, the two here tells me this is a 2-series, this is a 3-series, this one's a 4-series and so on.

The full product information can be found on a silver data plate on the chassis of your machine, here we have the model number, and here is the full 7-digit product number.

So, here we have the four most common types of hose and handgun fittings available. First one we have here, uses the C-clip system, where the hose simply fits into the base like so. Second one is similar, again using the C-clip system, this time in front of the trigger, slotting it into place and securing it.

Third one is different, as this one is a sealed unit. We need to remove the hose - simply unscrew these screws and the hose comes away. The last one we have here is a lot simpler, as it uses the Quick Connect system, that simply locks in and comes out like so.

Now, the last version here uses a different hose fitting from the previous three, so again, make sure you've got all your model details before selecting the correct hose and gun. As always, these spares are available on website.

Thanks for watching.

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