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How to Replace a Freezer Door Seal

If you can slip a £5 note between the freezer door seal and the frame when the door is shut, it's time to replace the seal. The freezer door seal is meant to be soft and supple but over time it can become brittle and allow warm air into your appliance. Here Helen demonstrates how easy it is to replace the freezer door gasket.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares.

In this video, I will be changing the door seal on a fridge freezer. Today we are using an AEG Santo fridge freezer but the process will be very similar for most modern brands of appliance.

Safety first, always make sure you disconnect the appliance from the mains before you start working on it.

Always buy genuine spare parts where you can. To make sure you're buying the correct part for your appliance, you'll need your model number, in a fridge, this can generally be found at the bottom of the fridge by the salad drawer.

This freezer door seal has become damaged and it's not sitting flush when the door is closed. That is causing the freezer to frost up regularly, and obviously wasting energy. On this particular model, the original is sealed to the door and needs to be cut away, I'm using a Stanley knife to cut along the top first, and then along the sides, and finally the bottom edge.

In this case, the new seal fits differently to the old one, we are going to be feeding this flange into this groove all the way around the door. Starting at the top corner, just press the new seal into place. Press firmly all the way along the top. When the top edge is in place, I will just need to do the same along the other 3 sides.

There we go, as good as new. Remember this part and seals for all major brands of fridge and freezer can be found at along with spare parts for over 500 brands of home and garden appliance.

Thanks for watching.

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