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How to Fit Universal Oven Door Seals

Learn how to fit a universal oven door gasket by watching eSpares demonstrate on a Neff cooker. The seal attaches to the body of the oven by a single hook in each corner, and isn't suitable to replace seals with curved corners.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Rory from eSpares, and in this video I'm going to show you how to replace both the door seals in this double oven using universal seals.

Now, a universal seal is a generic replacement, which you have to cut to length. There's two types of universal seal, there's a three-sided seal which I'm going to use to replace this three-sided seal in this bottom oven, and there's a four-sided seal which I'm going to use to replace this four-sided seal in the main oven. 

Now, we do recommend that you use a genuine replacement for your seal, where possible. But, if that isn't possible, then you can use a universal seal, providing your existing seal meets these stipulations:

  • It must be a rubber type seal, it can't be made of any other material, like woven cloth, that won't work.
  • It must have right angle corners and it must have one hook per corner, which fits into a corresponding hole in each corner of the oven. If your seal has rounded corners or if there are multiple hooks per corner, then you won't be able to use a universal seal.

Once you've made sure that universal seals are compatible with your oven, you just need to unclip the original seals.

Safety first, do make sure your oven is switched off before you get to work.

Now I'm just going to unclip the seals and it's really really easy, they just unhook just like that. Now, using a tape measure, I'm going to measure the distance between the holes in both ovens, both horizontally and vertically, and take a note of them.

Here are our universal door seals. This is a four-sided seal and comes with four corner hooks, and this is a three-sided seal which comes with two corner hooks and two end hooks, because obviously there's not a fourth side to the seal. Now I'm going to cut these down to size using a tape measure and some scissors. I'm going to need to be cutting the seals slightly shorter than the measurements that I've got because basically they'll need to stretch into place. The seals come with a set of instructions which will tell you how much shorter you will have to cut your seals, depending on your measurements.

Okay, now I've cut my lengths, I'm going to cut the insides of each corner, so that when the hook is inserted, they will sit flush. Okay, I'm now going to insert all of the hooks into the seal and you must make sure that you do this right, because, once you put them in, they won't come out and the hook needs to be facing the same way as the flat part of the seal. So now I'm just going to feed it in. Now, I just need to put my new seals on my oven, they just simply hook into place, and that is how you fit a universal door seal.

Universal door seals and genuine door seals are available on the eSpares website, thanks for watching.  

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