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How to Replace the Heating Element Assembly on a Tumble Dryer - Bosch Published 23/09/2010

If your tumble dryer isn’t heating up, the most common cause is a damaged or broken element. In this video Rory replaces the heating element assembly on a Bosch condenser tumble dryer. The heating assembly includes the element, thermostat and wiring.

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Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares.

If your tumble dryer isn’t heating up, the most common cause is a damaged or broken element, we recommend that when replacing your element, you also replace your thermostats too.

In some models, like this Bosch condenser tumble dryer, you won’t be able to replace the element without replacing the thermostats because they come pre-assembled in this part which is known as the heater element assembly, which includes the element here, as well as the thermostats and this wiring. This makes it easier to replace, and that’s what I’m going to show you to replace in this video.

Safety first, always make sure that your tumble dryer is switched off before you get to work and I’m just going to start by removing the back panel. There’s loads of screws keeping the back panel in place and you’ll need a torx head screwdriver to remove them.

Ok, we can now see our old assembly, and what I need to do is remove these two screws here and this one holding the connector in place. Ok, when taking this connector off, you need to make sure that these two wires don’t get lost because if they fall back into the dryer, you’ll have to take off the side panel to get them back.

Now I can pull the old assembly away and clip the new one into place, I can now reconnect my wires and put the connector back in, there we go, we can now screw that up. That’s the new element assembly in place and I just need to put the back panel back on and screw it back into place.

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