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Replacing the Inlet and Outlet Connectors on a Karcher Pressure Washer Published 19/06/2009

The plastic inlet and outlet elbow pipes on Karcher pressure washers are one of our most popular spares. In this video Mat explains which is which, and how to remove and replace them. Don't forget you'll need to replace yours with one that is suitable for your model.

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Hi, I'm Mat from eSpares.

In this video I’ll be showing you how to replace the inlet and outlet connectors, or covers as Karcher call them, on this 3 Series.

Now to get to these parts, you'll need to remove the casing on this machine. To do this you'll need to get a Torx head screw set, which is available to buy on the eSpares website. Once the casing is removed pop it to one side and inside you'll see the inlet cover which connects to your garden hose and the outlet cover which connects to your high pressure hose and handgun.

We'll start with the inlet cover. To replace this, simply remove the metal C-clip from underneath with a screwdriver. So the cover slides out like so, this cover is sold in 2 parts, but for some models it comes as 1 complete part. It comes complete with seals and if you buy the cover nearest to the control head, you also get the replacement inlet valve.

The inlet valve is removed using tweezers and the replacement simply slots into place.

The outlet cover is removed in exactly the same way. Simply loosen the metal C-clip and release the outlet cover like so, again comes complete with seals and there's no valve inside to worry about.

So the new parts go on exactly how the old ones came off. Once the machine is reassembled, Karcher do recommend bleeding the system to get rid of any air left in there. Just connect the garden hose to your inlet cover and run it for 2 or 3 minutes with the power off.

As always, all spares and accessories for Karcher products are available at the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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