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How to Replace the Door Seal on a Washing Machine - Hotpoint Published 01/02/2011

If you have a leaky washing machine you may have a perished door seal or a damaged gasket. This video will shows Rory replacing the door seal on a Hotpoint WD440p. 

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares and in this video I’m going to show you how to replace the door seal on this Hotpoint washing machine.

Now this model is a washer/dryer, which means there is a little more to replacing the seal, but it’s not that much more complicated than if it was a straight up washer.

Now door seals can become mouldy or perish over time, and that can cause leaks. So, if your machine is leaking from the front during a wash cycle the most likely cause is a damage seal.

Now safety first, before you start work, make sure you unplug the appliance from the mains.

Now to get to the door seal I need to remove the front panel of the washing machine, but to remove the front panel I first need to remove the top panel, and to remove the top panel, I just need to unscrew these 2 screws, this one and this one.

I now just need to remove the dispenser drawer, there is a clip you push down on there. I now need to take the fascia off, and to do that I need to remove these 2 screws, but be sure to keep these screws separate from any other screws that you remove from the machine, because they are made stainless steel so they don’t rust. Now I can just unclip this fascia and rest it up top.

To remove the front panel I just need to remove these 2 screws up here, and there are a couple of screws on either side underneath this kick-strip. Now what I need to do is remove the retaining band which surrounds the seal. All kinds of different washing machines have different kinds of retaining clips. This one, has a spring-loaded one, which I just need to get a flat-headed screwdriver into, and then give it a good yank, just like that, and it comes away. Now I just need to remove the seal from the lip of the machine.

Finally, I just need to remove the 2 screws that are holding the interlock in place.

Now, I’m just going to remove the seal from the dryer ducting. Remember that if you don’t have a washer / dryer you won’t need to do this. Now I need to remove the inner retaining band. It’s held in place by a saw-toothed clip. So I just need to get a screwdriver in there and give it a push like that, and there you go, it just comes away like that. 

I now pull the old door seal fully away from the machine. Before I put my new seal on, I’m just going to give the whole encrusted area of the drum a good wipe down with a damp cloth just to get rid of the grime.

The most important thing to remember when fitting the new seal is that the drain holes go at the six o’clock position on the drum. Now, because this is a washer/dryer, it will only go one way round. I need to fit this part of the seal to the dryer ducting first.

Next, you’ve just got to feed the innermost part of the seal around this lip of the drum. I’m now just going to secure the door seal to the dryer ducting with a cable tie. I can now feed my retaining clip back into place, making sure it fits into the ridge of the seal. I can then feed the saw-toothed clip back together.

OK, once I’m sure the seal is securely in place I just need to put everything back together.

All that remains for me to do now is to feed the seal around the lip of the front of the machine, as well as re-fit the retaining band.

That’s how easy it is to fit the seal on a Hotpoint washer/dryer. Seals for all washing machines are available on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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