How to replace the pump on a washing machine - Bosch


If your washing machine refuses to drain during a wash cycle, the problem could be a faulty pump. In this video Rory shows just how easy it is to replace the pump on a Bosch washing machine.

Video Transcript:


Hello, I’m Rory from eSpares and in this video I’m going to show you how to replace the pump in a Bosch washing machine.

The pump is situated at the bottom of the washing machine and is used to pump the water from the wash, into the drain hose, to be drained away. You’ll know if there is a problem with your pump if drum of your washing machine isn’t being drained of water during a wash cycle. There is a couple of things to check before you replace a pump. 

The first is that your drain hose hasn’t become blocked and the second is that the fluff filter, which is this thing, hasn’t become clogged. This thing sits in front of the pump and can become clogged with fluff and hair and other debris, so give it a clean and do the same for the cavity. Once you’ve done that, try another wash, if the washing machine still isn’t draining the problems is probably going to be your pump.

Now there’s two types of pump, there’s a universal pump which will fit most makes and model of washing machine and can be really handy if you don’t have the genuine replacement available. And there’s also the genuine replacement pump which is made specifically for your model of washing machine and is the one I’m going to use in this video because it’s always recommended to use genuine spare parts when possible.

Safety first; always make sure your washing machine is unplugged before you get going. Secondly you’ll need to drain your washing machine of water, this washing machine has a drain hose here, or if your washing machine doesn’t have a hose like that, you can use the fluff filter either way be prepared to have a lot of water coming out of the machine.

Now what I’m going to do is remove the top panel of the machine, as well as the back panel, and then I’m going to tilt the washing machine onto its side. To remove the panels I’m going to use a torx head screwdriver. You can find a torx set on the eSpares website if you don’t already have one, so I’m just going to get cracking. 

Now it’s important to remember that the drum is suspended inside the washing machine so before tilting it onto its side, get a piece of cardboard or something similar and just wedge it between the drum and the side of the machine so that when you tilt it onto its side the drum isn’t touching the side of the machine and it’s not damaging any internal parts. 

Also if you are finding the machine too heavy then do get a friend to help you because you don’t want to hurt yourself. 

So here we have the original pump. The first thing I need to do is remove the original wiring, and to remove the old pump I just need to turn it anti-clockwise and pull away. However, I’ve got a problem; this clip is in the way of the pump so I can’t turn it with this clip in its current position. So what I need to do, is get a pliers and just move the clip further down the hose away from the pump. Now with the clip moved further down the hose 

I can now turn the pump anti-clockwise and pull away. Be prepared for a little bit of water spillage at this point. To put the new pump on, you push firmly in and turn clockwise.

Now I’ve put the pump in I’m going to put the clip back where it was and pop the wiring back in too.

So there’s my new pump in place, now I just need to put everything back together.

And that my friends, is how easy it is to replace a pump on a washing machine. Pumps for all makes and models of washing machine are available on the eSpares website along with universal pumps that will fit most makes and models too.

Thanks for watching.