How to Perform an Extractor Fan MOT


If there are strange smells coming from your kitchen that just aren't going away, it's probably time to perform an extractor fan MOT. In this video Helen shows you how to properly clean your cooker hood and change the filters in a cooker hood.

Please note: This video mentions a cleaning product called FilterKleen, which has been discontinued. As an alternative we recommend Indesit Professional Oven Cleaner Spray.


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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares.

If you notice that your cooker hood isn't working properly - if smoke and smells aren't being extracted and grease is building up around the filter - it's probably time for a cooker hood MOT.

Generally, there are two types of cooker hood: one which vents directly to the outside, and one which re-circulates the air back into the kitchen.

Safety first: Make sure you turn off the power before you open up your cooker hood. I'm going to leave it on here, just so you can see what I'm doing.

Now, your cooker hood may look different to this, but they're all very simple to open up. This is a re-circulating type of cooker hood. So it just has this big grease filter here which removes the grease from the air, plus it has this carbon filter to remove the smells.

If you have the type of cooker hood that vents directly to the outside, you'll probably only have this grease filter. This is a fabric type of filter and needs to be replaced when it becomes saturated with grease. Your model may have a metal mesh type filter - if it does, that needs to be cleaned rather than replaced. This FilterKleen is the perfect product for that and it's an eSpares customer favourite.

Filters for your make and model of cooker hood can be found on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.