How to replace a cooker hood filter


You should replace your cooker hood filter once a year to maintain its performance. In this video Helen demonstrates how to find the model number of your cooker hood, change a filter and replace a lightbulb.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares.

In this video I'm going to replace the filter and light in this cooker hood extractor fan.

Safety first: Always make sure appliances are disconnected from the mains first before you begin work.

To open up this hood, you just need to turn the cover locks 360° and carefully remove the cover. Now you'll need the model number to be sure you are ordering the right part from eSpares. On the Neff cooker hood it's on the plate here.

Replacing the bulb is obviously very easy - the right-hand one is blown so I will replace that first. As you can see it just screws out and you just screw the new one back into replace it.

Now let's replace the grease filter. We just need to remove the spring holder and slide the filter out. Putting the new one back in is the same process but in reverse, and we replace the spring holder and that's it done. Then we just need to replace the cover and turn the locks to secure it in place.

Filters and bulbs for all makes and models of cooker hood can be found on the website along with spares and accessories for over 500 brands of home and garden appliances.

Thanks for watching.