Common Microwave Faults


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Fault Diagnosis:

Microwave ovens are one of the most dangerous appliances to repair. When there's a fault, the high-voltage capacitor can store a potentially lethal charge for an indefinite period.

Specialised equipment and knowledge are needed to discharge it safely because simply shorting it out may cause it to explode. Any components or wiring connected to the capacitor may present the same danger.

Only the tasks suggested here can be performed safely.

Choose Your Fault For Likely Causes and Solutions:

Microwave Oven Appears Completely Inoperative:

Food Heats Up But Interior Light is Out:

Food Heats Unevenly and Turntable Doesn't Rotate:

Food Does Not Heat Up But Interior Light and Turntable Working:

Food Takes Too Long to Cook:

Sparks Arcing in Cooking Chamber:

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