How to Fix Loss of Suction in a Vacuum - Vax Multifunction


Poor suction is usually due to one of five problems with your vacuum cleaner. Allow Helen to demonstrate the most common causes of loss of suction in a modern Vax Multifunction vacuum.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares.

If you're experiencing a loss of suction in your Vax multifunctional cleaner, it'll be due to one of five reasons:

  1. Bags
  2. Filters
  3. Blockages
  4. Gaps in the air flow
  5. The motor

So let's start with bags. Now, it's going to sound really obvious, but the first thing to do is check that your bag's not full because if it is, that'll reduce the suction. Also check that there are no rips or holes in the bag. When replacing bags, always try and get Vax genuine bags rather than a cheaper, non-branded equivalent because the genuine bags will be better quality.

Moving on to filters, this Vax 6131 has three filters: this foam pre-motor filter, a foam post-motor filter and a paper cone filter. Now, the pre- and post-motor filters are washable - to do that, you just rinse them under warm water and then leave to air-dry for about 24 hours. But if they're damaged or in a really bad state, then you can replace them. The paper cone filter needs to be replaced when it gets clogged with dirt. Vax sell a really handy kit that has all three filters, plus some replacement bags.

Next is blockages - it's very easy for something to get lodged in the hose or the extension tube, so you can check visually and also feel your way along the hose and you can use something like a coat hanger to get into the extension tube.

Next up is gaps in the air flow. Now this is what a new Vax hose looks like but over time the plastic can degrade and coupled with the fact that most people pull their Vax along by the hose, it can end up looking something like this. Now this is a pretty extreme example, but even the smallest hole or rip can cause a loss of suction.

Now, if you've tried all of the above and you're still experiencing a loss of suction, it's probably due to the motor. The motors in all Vax multifunctional cleaners are replaceable. It's not the easiest of jobs but it's certainly do-able.

Bags, filters, replacement hoses, extension tubes, and motors for all Vax models are available on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.