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How to Replace a Dishwasher Flow-Through Heater - Gorenje Published 08/05/2013

Find out how easy it is to replace a flow-through heater in a Gorenje dishwasher, helping you keep your appliance working to its full potential - by watching this eSpares video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh from eSpares.

In this video I'm going to show you how to change the flow-through heater on a dishwasher. In this particular video I'm going to be using a Gorenje GV62110, this is an integrated appliance but the procedure should be pretty much the same for most types of dishwasher.

It may be the case that your dishwasher doesn't use a flow- through heater, such as this, it uses a standard element heater and if that's the case you can see me performing that repair in another eSpares video.

The tools that you're going to need for this repair are a cross head screw driver, a flat head screw driver and some water pump pliers. Although you can also use mole-grips, if you don't have pliers.

Safety first, make sure you've disconnected your dishwasher from the mains power and then turn off the water supply and disconnect the dishwasher from the water supply hose.

To access the heater we're going to need to get to underneath the dishwasher, so to do this you'll need to pull it out and lay it down on its back. When you're doing this it's a good idea to have a towel to mop up any spillages that might occur and also have something to rest the dishwasher on so you don't damage the floor while you're working on it.

Okay, so now I've got the dishwasher on its back, you can see the base plate here underneath. To remove the base plate, there are 4 screws, that we'll need to remove and once we've dealt with the screws, there are these legs to deal with as well. In this particular model, these two legs at the top will come out with the base plate, while these two at the bottom will stay attached to the dishwasher. However, it may be the case with your particular dishwasher model that you'll need to remove all the legs before you can fully remove the base plate.

Okay, so now I've removed the screws from the base plate, the final thing to bear in mind is that most dishwashers have an anti-flood sensor attached to the base plate. Now, you can either remove the anti-flood sensor by unscrewing it or you can remove the electrical connections from the terminals but it is important to do this in order to fully remove the base plate from the base.

In this case, I'm actually going to unscrew the sensor from the base plate. Okay, so now I've got the base plate off, we can see all of the dishwasher innards here. This is the heater at the back but as you can see the space around it is quite restricted, so to give myself a bit more room to work with, I'm actually going to remove the pump which is this part here and I'll do that by unscrewing the screws on either side of it.

Now with the pump out of the way, I've got much better access to the heater behind it. The first thing I need to do is remove these three electrical connectors and then I'm going to un-clip it from this bracket at the top which is there to support the weight of the heater and the hose.

Now that's done, I need to separate the heater from the hoses. What holds the hoses onto the heater, are these single-use hose clips. These were put in place by the manufacturer and they're not designed to be re-used, so for that reason they can be very stiff and quite difficult to take off. I'm just going to use a bit of brute force and these waterpump pliers to remove them. Once I've got them off, I'm going to be replacing them with these standard jubilee clips. Jubilee clips are designed to be re-used and they're also much easier to adjust as well.

Okay, so now I've removed the old heater, i need to replace these single use clips with the jubilee clips and then I can put in the new heater, reconnecting the electrical connections and the bracket at the top.

So now I've got the new heater in place, I can screw the pump back in, re-attach the anti-flood sensor to the base plate and then put the base plate back on the bottom of the dishwasher.

And that's it. Now the heater is fitted, you just need to re-install your dishwasher. The heater along with a range of spare parts for dishwashers are available on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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