How to Install a TV Wall Mount Bracket



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Mounting your flat screen television on a wall can be a real space-saver. It can also help your TV appear to flow with the room's decor better, making it look like a painting.


Before setting up a wall mount for your TV you should consider:

How to install a TV bracket

Read any instructions that you receive with your TV wall mount bracket before you set about installing it. This how-to guide is intended as general advice only - always follow manufacturer instructions.

Image from Loctek Supports and Furniture

  1. Decide where to mount your television - we recommend sitting down to test how TV positions would work at different times of day. Make sure the viewing distance will be comfortable for your screen type.
    • For large, heavy TVs you should consider attaching the bracket to a solid brick or block wall.
    • If your walls are plasterboard, you'll need to locate the timber studs and fix the bracket to the middle of one of these studs.
  2. Use a spirit level to mark the bracket's screw holes on your wall using a pencil - this ensures that your bracket and television won't be off-centre.
  3. Drill the screw holes using the appropriate drill bit for your wall type.
  4. Double-check the level and make any adjustments before you fit the screws.
  5. Secure the bracket - fit the screws through the bracket's screw holes and into the holes you've drilled in the wall using a screwdriver. It may help to have an extra pair of hands holding the bracket steady while you go.
  6. Now that your bracket is secure and level, attach the remainder of the wall mount kit to either the mounted bracket or directly to the television (as appropriate).
    • If your kit requires you to attach a separate bracket to the television and then attach the TV bracket to the mounted wall bracket, ensure that you've got at least one extra person to help hold the television steady while you screw the two brackets together.

eSpares top tip: If the cords behind your TV are forcing it to sit further out from the wall than you'd prefer, try using an HDMI lead with rotating swivel connectors. These clever adaptors easily twist to a 90° angle, allowing you to fit your TV that extra bit closer to the wall.