How to Record TV Shows Remotely From Your Smartphone


Have you ever missed a TV programme because you only remembered it was on once you'd already left the house? There's an app for that.

There are many TV guide applications out there that allow you to set TV programmes to record remotely from your smartphone, but in this article we're focusing on's appropriately named application: TV Guide.


Benefits of the TV Guide application

What can the app do?



How to use the TV Guide app on your smartphone

  1. Download the TV Guide application
  2. Select the application from your smartphone menu
  3. The first time you use this app, the Now & Next menu for the current day's TV listings will be displayed
    • Scroll up and down the page to see programmes on now and what's next for each channel
  4. Click the arrows at the top of the screen to navigate the dates forward and back
  5. To customise your app, select the Settings menu - here you can:
    • Choose your preferred region
    • Choose your preferred cable TV provider
    • Log in to your Sky or Virgin accounts to Remote Record
    • Log in to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts
  6. To Remote Record, you'll need to log in to your Sky or Virgin account via the Settings menu
    • For example, if you're a Sky customer you'll need a Sky ID to link the app to your TV's DVR - you can get this by registering on the website
    • Enter your Sky ID username and password to login in the pop-up window

Top tips on recording remotely