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How to Replace the Motor on a Garden Vacuum - Flymo Published 30/03/2011

In this video Rory replaces the motor on a Flymo Gardenvac 1600. The process should be very similar for all models in the Gardenvac range.

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Video Transcript

If your Flymo Garden vac is running intermittently, halfheartedly or if it’s not running at all it’s almost certain that there is a problem with the motor. Now the good news is that it’s really easy to replace, and that’s what I’m going to show you how to do in this video.

Safety first, do make sure that your garden vac is unplugged at the wall before you get to work.

I’m going to start off by removing the bag, as well as taking off the shredding line. Now I’m going to remove the handle by unscrewing these end caps, now I can just remove the handle just like that and I can lift the screw out, little bit fiddly but they come away – and I can do the same on this side.

The chassis of the garden vac is in two parts, and they are held together by screws which run along the length of the vacuum. They are deep-set so you will need a long Phillips screwdriver to remove them and then you can just start unscrewing. Once you’ve got the last screw out the chassis should easily just separate, into two bits.

So this is what the inside of your garden vac looks like. Here we have the motor, it’s connected by wires to the switch, and on a spindle on the motor are the impeller fan and the cutting head.

So the first thing I’m going to do is remove the wires from the original motor, but before I do that I’m going to take some photos, just to make sure I wire-in the new motor in exactly the same way as the old motor is wired. Now I can just take the spade clips off the motor.

So here we have the old motor and the new motor, basically we need to get the impeller fan and the cutting head from the old motor and put them on the new motor. So I’m going to need to unscrew them, they are threaded on. To do that I first need to loosen the armature of the motor, I can do that by getting a flat-head screwdriver, and making sure that I have hold of both the motor and the impeller fan at the same time and then I can just loosen it like that. Now if I put my finger onto the armature to make sure I’m holding it, I can then unscrew just like that and there you go, they’ve come off.

Make sure that you retain the washer from the original motor because the washer doesn’t come with the new one, pop that on, then put the impeller fan on, and now making sure that you are holding down again on the back, on the armature, put the cutting head on, there you go, until it stops. Now you can just tighten it up with your screwdriver, making sure you are holding the fan and the motor. There you go, now all I need to do is put the whole thing back together.

Do make sure to consult your photos when wiring up the new motor. Now you can seat it in the chassis, just make sure that it is nice and secure in there.

There you go, that’s how you fit the motor on this Flymo Garden vac. Motors for all make and model of garden vacuum are available on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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